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Skillos Burl

Skillo's Burl Supplies is located in Canberra, Australia, and can deliver burls to wood turners and retailers anywhere in the world. Graham Skillin has had over 40 years experience in the timber industry. my business specializes in salvage of inland burl species from salt affected farmland along the murray darling river system.as the final shape of the burl is determined by the growing conditions, I harvest shapes that range from perfect hemispheres through to burls of irregular shape more suited for rotary carving . As a result i have graded them into perfect grade and select grade .

All stock is readily available, and is of a very high quality. (ALL BURL SOLD AT HARVEST WEIGHT ) Skillos Burls Supplies. Proudly Supplies Burls to. WESTPENN HARDWOODS./ AUSTRALIAN BURLS .COM /ISLE WOODS. WOODTURNINGZ. INC AND MANY MORE WORLD WIDE.

The following burls are available:

  • Red Mallee Burl
  • River Red Gum Burl
  • Red Coolabah Burl
  • Brown Mallee Burl

Also Available

  • Yellow Box Burl
  • Black Box Burl
  • Large Burl Slabs(Suitable for Tables)
  • Burl Blanks (Assorted sizes )
  • Square Burl Blanks (Assorted sizes )
  • Various Assorted TIMBERS .